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Frame Dimensions is equipped to provide the proper restoration and conservation for easel to mural-size paintings, frames and other art objects such as antique sepia photos. It is the only studio in the Hartford Connecticut area able to provide for the conservation and restoration of both paintings and frames by a professional staff on the premises. Frame Dimensions also works on site to inspect collections, assess treatment priorities and to restore murals or other non-removable art. Often interns from the U.S. and abroad augment the permanent staff.

At the studio or in the field, treatment begins with the careful examination of the object. Costs can be estimated based on the condition of the object, its size and difficulty of the required treatment. During restoration, clients are encouraged to visit the studio to view the progress on objects they entrust to us. A written report and photographic documentation are given to the owner after work is completed.

The Art Restoration/Conservation Studio is operated and managed by Master Restorer Tim Hall who has worked in the conservation and restoration of paintings and related art since 1975. Tim has been teaching restoration to his interns for over 20 years. He also gives seminars to his clients, both private and cooperate, writes articles, and demonstrates for many trade and news publications. Tim attended Southern Illinois University 1965-1971 as an undergraduate in business management. Studied and interned under the tutelage of Saul and Joy Babbin with Master Restorers International from 1979 to 1983. Tim is a member of the Society of Gilders, conserves and restores frames for paintings and mirrors as well as other gilt objects. He is a listed artist in American Artist of Renowned, and received in 1993 a Connecticut Congressional Citation in recognition of his being a Framer and Artist par Excellence.

Clients include many private collectors, churches, historical societies, auction houses, fine arts dealers and even other restoration studios. His conservation work has been featured in articles in Décor Magazine.


Art & Frame Restoration Services

Frame Dimensions offers a number of art restoration services, all performed on the premises, under the management of Master restorer Tim Hall, fully insured, and all work is guaranteed to your complete satisfaction.

Original Oils and Acrylics on canvas or board

bulletNeutralizing, cleaning and removal of surface dirt, stains, wall paint, smoke, etc.
bulletRemoval of old linseed oil and yellowing varnishes.
bulletRemoval of improperly over-painted and unprofessionally repaired paintings.
bulletRestoration & repairs to badly cracked or blistered paintings.
bulletLining or adding a new canvas backing to torn or damaged paintings.
bulletRepairing of holes, tears, dents, scrapes, scratches and flaking paint.
bulletFilling and repainting missing areas and badly damaged areas, (exact color and brush stroke matching).
bulletRe-stretching and tightening of loose canvases.
bulletReplacement of damaged or broken stretcher bars.
bulletFinal varnishing and drying.

Watercolors, Serigraphs, Etchings, Engravings, and other paper art

bulletNeutralization of acidity in the art’s paper.
bulletArchival conservation mounting of art on proper archival backing.
bulletRepairing of holes, scrapes, cuts, paper punctures and dents.
bulletRemoval of dirt, and other soiling.
bulletRepainting and restoration of the art image.
bulletRepair and Air brushing on damaged antique sepia photos.
bulletArchival Conservation framing with ultra violet protective glazing.

Antique and Contemporary Frames

bulletCorner repair, re-gluing, and closing.
bulletReplace missing ornamentation, casting new, or carving to match.
bulletRepair of cracked or broken plaster.
bulletTouch up of missing gold leaf.
bulletFull re-gilding (oil sizing or water gild 23k gold).
bulletRefinishing of natural wood frames.

Extensive selection of hand made museum quality reproduction period frames.

All restoration is documented both in writing and photographically.


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