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On this page we will be presenting what is new at Frame Dimensions. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our services and products for our customers. This is where to look for the most recent additions.

The staff at Frame Dimensions also want to find ways to give back to our communities. We often do this through our various chambers but at times we find it more rewarding to give directly to the community. Go to the Press Release and Media sections for more information on these activities.


On the Products page we will go into detail on the new and exciting lines and items we have taken on to better serve our customers. Our moulding, art, and decorating lines are constantly changing. Check back often to see the latest and greatest at Frame Dimensions,


Part of the challenge of having a gallery is keeping the art and the artists fresh and current to the needs of our customers. It is a great feeling to find the new "Up and coming" artist to bring to our customers and help them be successful. Part of that effort is the support and encouragement we give our artists. Check here for the latest news about our current artists and any new artists we may be taking into the Gallery.

Some Recent Projects

Custom Picture Framing is a great profession for any number of reasons. One of the main ones is that it is a very low burn-out profession. We may be doing the same thing day in and day out; but every piece of art is different and has to be treated as such. Regularly we have customers bring in very interesting things to be framed. Sometimes we frame an object or piece of art that someone among the staff has found simply to try a new technique or treatment. These are the projects that really keep our framers going. We have framed may odd things from full sized WW I Battle Flags to Baby Shoes, Indian Head Dresses, Swords, Guns.... sometimes we feel as though the list is a "You name it ... we've framed it!" list. Check here for our postings of our most recent challenges. Who knows, you might bring in the next "interesting" project.

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